Welcome to the What’s Hot family!

If you’re here, you’re probably familiar with the YouTube Channel What’s Hot Vlog, where you can find interviews, event coverage and even advice. (If not, go subscribe neooow!) Now, I welcome you to the blog side of What’s Hot. Here you can not only stay up to date with the latest videos, but you can also dive into all things surrounding media lifestyle. This includes perspectives on various aspects of entertainment reporting/ journalism, fashion and beauty round ups for on-camera moments and industry tips. Bringing you the fire as always!

 With Sizzlin’ Love,

   Stacey Cake

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the website What’s Hot Vlog instead of Blog?

What’s Hot originally started as a YouTube channel, thus the vlog part. What’s Hot Vlog is being used on all web platforms and social media to make it easier for the family to remember and search the brand’s handles and website. Consistency helps growth!