It’s Your Girl Stacey Cake!

Hola What’s Hot Fam,

It’s your girl Stacey Cake. Your host for What’s Hot and today I’m going to be giving a little insight into my life.

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Although, I’ve been frequently told I don’t seem like it…(Whatever that means.) My birthday is November 22, which makes me a proud Scorpitarius (a Scorpio and Sagittarius mix breed).

When it comes to my professional life, I am currently an entertainment reporter and content creator. I have previously worked for a radio station, magazine, a sports blog and two entertainment websites. My Alma Mater is Towson University. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication for the journalism track. Hopefully, I’ll be a fluent Spanish speaker one day since the language was my minor. I am a proud Tiger and I will always say that Towson University changed my life.

In fact, Towson is where What’s Hot began in 2016 as a part of the Towerlight. Following my 2017 graduation, I took the leap of making What’s Hot its own independent YouTube channel. I’ve always possessed leadership qualities and aim to shine a light on them and merge my influencer potential with my journalism skillset. I hope to achieve that goal with this blog. 

As far as random facts, I love to dress up, do my makeup and take pictures. I’m always down for watching a good scary movie and I binge watch Supernatural on a regular basis. I’m pretty diverse when it comes to music, but I probably listen to R&B more frequently. Other than that, you can catch me ready to dance, sing and eat at just about any moment. (S/N: I absolutely love potatoes in french fry, hash brown and/or tater tot form!)

People tend to think I’m more popular than I am due to my festive social media posts, but it’s actually lonely out here LOL. With that being said, I’m always looking to network, especially with others in the entertainment and journalism industry. Feel free to message me or comment on my personal Instagram page to connect or let me know what you think of the blog.

With Sizzling Love,

   Stacey Cake

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