5 Reasons Why I Became An Entertainment Reporter

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Welcome to my first blog post. I thought it was only right to began by telling you exactly why I decided to get into the entertainment industry. Maybe you’re considering taking the leap yourself or maybe you’re already in the media industry in one way or another. As you read my personal reasons below, take note of what you connect with (or don’t) and let me know in the comments. So without further ado, here are five reasons why I became an entertainment reporter:

Passion For Storytelling

Since I can remember, I’ve always loved stories. When I was in elementary school, my strong suit was always english and I loved to read. By the end of middle school, I was in love with writing poetry and had discovered the world of celebrity fan fiction. I was so into this world of creative storytelling, I’d even began having “story time” over the phone with my best friend.

I became infatuated with the escape and the feedback. Even in real life I seemed to always be in the know about the things around me. So much so, a member of my middle school girl scout troop described me as always having the “411” during our badge pinning ceremony. The funny thing is I don’t even remember talking to her much during those years, but, hey, I’ll take the title. 

My interest in storytelling continued into high school and by the time college came about, I just assumed that journalism was for me. Of course college courses teach you more about hard news reporting, but I honestly loved it all. I really enjoyed and excelled in every journalism course I took while attending Towson University. It all felt natural. Storytelling is what most media jobs are related to in one way or another. This realization was the start of it all for me.

Raised By A Mom Who Loves Celebrity News

My passion for storytelling isn’t exactly random. Growing up my mom was always in tune with what was going on with her favorite celebrities. I remember her reading newspapers and websites like Media Take Out, the YBF and Bossip religiously.

Although, she was never in the industry of reporting or anything media related for that matter, I remember others were always impressed with how she managed to stay hip to the latest news. I began to admire that about her at an early age. Soon, I’d taken an interest in celebrities and fame myself. However, I began to sense that she regretted not taking her career in more of an entertainment direction. It wasn’t long before I felt like I could live out that dream for her. And although I have a ways to go, I can really say I’m doing it and she’s proud. 

P.S. On her end, she still hasn’t missed a beat. She can tell you the latest news about her favorite celebs and yours too.

Excuse To Network

I’m pretty sure I’m naturally an introvert with an overwhelming desire to be a popular well-spoken extrovert. After some not so fun experiences in highschool, I made a promise to myself to be more confident, social and outspoken. Going into college, I wanted to break out of my shell. I wanted to be a social butterfly, which is definitely easier said than done for an introvert. I started small by building up enough courage to simply attend campus events by myself, which is actually how I meant one of closest friends.

After several journalism assignments that required me to walk up to complete strangers and ask them questions, I had an epiphany. My work is what drives me to step out of my comfort zone, so why not use it to boost my social life. After joining the Towerlight’s video department, I came up with What’s Hot and pitched it as a segment to my producer. The first episode of the segment launched in September of 2015 and the rest was a wrap. Before I knew it I was interviewing my crushes, networking with people I once found intimidating and getting into major campus events for free! Of course, I still had awkward and anxiety-filled moments, but I’d created a life for myself where I was constantly able to practice networking. I soon realized the more I put myself out there, the easier it became.

It’s Fun

Being an entertainment reporter can definitely have it’s perks. One of the best is if you’re fortunate enough to gain media access to some of your favorite events. These events can include premieres, festivals, concerts and even award shows. Not to mention, if you can find a way to get paid for your attendance. Once you interview certain people, it’s honestly such a great feeling of accomplishment. The whole process of creating content and getting access to certain people and places can be extremely challenging and frustrating. However, when you feel yourself moving past these hurdles it’s a rush like no other. 

Some of my greatest obstacles have led to some of my greatest accomplishments. I  love the hustle just enough not to quit because I love the rewards that much more. Find what aspect of the job brings you joy and persevere for that feeling alone.

Desire To Make A Difference

This part I’m still figuring out. I want to create change in how the media is viewed and the relationship we have with the people we talk and write about. However, figuring out how to do that while staying true to presenting the facts and interesting content does create challenges. People often complain about media platforms centering on drama and bad news, but there are two issues with that. Number one, as a news platform, whether it’s entertainment or hard news, true journalists are simply messengers of the truth. If the truth involves drama, it is what it is. Get mad at the people that are causing the chaos, not the person whose job it is to tell the story.

This is not to say that journalists don’t have a choice in how they frame things, but our job isn’t to pretty it up either. Number two, if you look at the stats from a story about your favorite celeb donating to a charity compared to a story about them arguing with their ex you can guess which one would perform better. When it comes to journalism, you’re often juggling two livelihoods/ reputations. The two being your own and that of the person you’re telling a story about. With my voice, I hope to achieve a successful and ethical balance.

With Sizzling Love,

   Stacey Cake

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