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WHW: Emerald Marie Talks ‘Love & Hip Hop’ And New York Slang

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It’s Who’s Hot Wednesday! This week I want you to check out my interview with my fellow Towson University alumna Emerald Marie. She’s a New Yorker who has success by the balls. When she’s not modeling or packing Raw Beauty skin care orders, you can catch her on a red carpet as a media correspondent or even an episode of “Love & Hip Hop.”

“Be interested in the positivity and not just the tea, okay.”

~Emerald Marie~

I felt so inspired after talking to a black woman with so much confidence and determination. The media industry can feel lonely. You don’t always get to have conversations with people on the same path that don’t have a motive or are even nice for that matter. It was enlightening to have a genuine conversation and hear her journey. Sis is a boss to say the least.

Watch below to hear Emerald Marie’s experience working with Moe Money (“Love & Hip Hop : New York”) and her tips to achieving the perfect selfie!

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