WHW: Doja Cat’s Backup Dancer She’Meka Ann Talks About Sizzling VMA Performance and Cancel Culture

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This Wednesday I’m bringing you the fire with a special interview starring She’Meka Ann. The Richmond, Virginia native performed alongside Doja Cat during the “Say So” singer’s debut Video Music Awards performance, which aired on MTV Sunday.

Although, it’s no secret that Doja Cat has been a controversial star in the black community due to her alleged participation in anti-black activities such as racist online chatrooms, She’Meka says she hadn’t heard about the drama. Instead, she argues that people should practice forgiveness and that she felt nothing, but positive vibes from the singer during their time together for the VMAs.

However, this isn’t She’Meka’s first time on the VMA stage. In fact, her first paid gig as a dancer was dancing alongside Robin Thicke, Kendrick Lamar and 2Chainz during their 2013 VMA performance. Talk about 0 to 100 real quick. She’s also danced alongside Tank and for BadBoys Entertainment at the 2017 Essence Festival. She’s even choreographed a routine for a rap performance by comedian and social media personality B. Simone. Despite all of these opportunities, she still considers her time on stage with Doja Cat to be a dream come true.

When she’s not on the big stage, the business owner is teaching her Heel’d dance classes and sharing amazing dance-related content on her Instagram. Her rhythm and style has earned her over 46,000 followers on her personal Instagram and over 5,000 followers on her business profile.

Off of the dance floor, She’Meka is a fire mom and wife. This choreographer is all about pushing her limits and doesn’t take no for an answer. Still not convinced she’s fire? She’Meka’s shared five more reasons to prove you wrong.

“I think me being genuine, me being a mom, a bad ass mom,” she began with a smile. “Me bing able to juggle and do everything I want to do…Not taking no for an answer. Nobody can tell me no. If I want to do it, I’m going to do it…[and] just loving myself.”

– She’Meka Ann

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