How to Cope with Job Rejection

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Let’s talk about rejection! I hate it. I’m sure you hate it, but the bottom line is what’s meant for you doesn’t need to be forced. And to be honest that’s a concept hard to come to grips with when you want an opportunity more than it wants you.

“How do I cope with job rejection? “

– a tired young professional

In a media/professional sense it’s not uncommon to get rejected a lot, so here’s how I’ve been practicing coping:

Ask the employer what would have made you a better candidate

Reaching out to the employer to find out why they decided to go with a different candidate is a great way to figure out what ways you can improve. I typically only reach out for an explanation if I am not selected after I participate in an interview or take a test. The feedback can let you know if you need to improve your interview responses, should consider furthering your education or acquiring a new certification or skill.

In some cases, it might be something completely out of your control, like someone with 10 years of experience applying to an entry-level gig or the company giving preference to interns. Either way, it’ll give you some advice or closure to help you move forward.

Try Again

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Now, this may seem like an odd way of thinking, but hear me out. The more you are rejected the less you feel it each time individually. As the saying goes, you’ll get tougher skin. Of course, rejection from one particular opportunity may sting a bit more than another, but overall you’ll create a pattern of picking yourself up and moving on. It may seem morbid, but it’s true!

Set a new goal to zone in on

Refocusing your attention on something new is a great way to move on until you can try again or find something better. Think of something you can do related to your interest or desired profession that you have control of. For example, if you’re a social media professional try a content challenge such as the #30Daysof Reels or get a digital marketing certification.

Remind yourself of your accomplishments so far!

Affirmations build over time the more you do it the better you feel. It’s easy to be your own worst critic when things aren’t manifesting at your command. Sit down and think about all the things you’ve recently overcome or accomplished. There’ll probably be a lot more on the list than you were giving yourself credit for.

Talk about it!

Sometimes venting is all you need! Find a friend in your industry who just understands the struggle and can empathize with what you’re going through! You’ll feel understood and maybe even get some great advice. Can’t think of anyone? Consider finding a mentor in your industry that you can talk to about things like this and bounce ideas off!

I hope this list makes your job hunting journey a bit easier! If you’ve made it this far, scroll down and comment which tip spoke to you the most and why!

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