‘The Nun II’: Plot, Cast and Trailer

Valak is back! ‘The Nun II’ centers on the franchise’s favorite infamous demon following her possession of Frenchie in the eerie ending of ‘The Nun’ and prior to her demise by Lorraine Warren in ‘The Conjuring II.’

Set in 1956’s France, a priest is murdered and Sister Irene comes face-to-face with the demon nun, again.

The cast includes:

Taissa Farmiga (“The Nun,” “The Gilded Age”) returning as Sister Irene

Jonas Bloquet (“Tirailleurs,” “The Nun”) returning as Frenchie

Bonnie Aarons (“The Nun”) returning as Valak aka the Nun

Anna Popplewell (“Fairytale,” “The Chronicles of Narnia” trilogy) as Marcella

and Storm Reid (“The Last of Us,” “The Suicide Squad”)

Production notes read:

“The Safran Company’s Peter Safran and Atomic Monster’s James Wan produce, continuing their collaboration as filmmakers on all of the previous ‘Conjuring’ films. ‘The Nun II’ is executive produced by Richard Brener, Dave Neustadter, Victoria Palmeri, Gary Dauberman, Michael Clear, Judson Scott and Michael Polaire.”

Grab your rosaries – ‘The Nun II’ hits theaters on September 8.

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