‘The Nun II’ Movie Review: Ironically Serves as a Reminder – Faith is What Fosters Change

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“The Nun II” has hit theaters and you know I had to check it out! Now while the concept of a demon taking the form of a nun is very scary in itself, I must say I was a little underwhelmed by the scare factor of this prequel’s sequel.

However, if you’re a fan of The Conjuring Universe, it’s still very much worth a watch.

The Plot

As you probably noticed, the trailer and the official synopsis of the film were a bit vague. After viewing the film, I feel that they could have provided a little more insight to anticipators, but I also appreciate the suspense the lack of information added to the viewing experience.

Sister Irene and her demon antagonist, Valak, return in a race for an ancient relic – the eyes of Saint Lucy. Yes, her literal eyes. However, their intentions in claiming the holy treasure prove very different. Frenchie aka Maurice also returns at the forefront of the film following the revelation of his possession in the closing scene of “The Nun.”

With out spoiling too much, here are a few takeaways/revelations I appreciated the most:

-The message about faith in this film really stood out to me. As I journey through a season of transition in my own life, this film ironically served as a reminder to me that faith is what fosters change. Faith is the light that weakens darkness. Storm Reid’s character Sister Debra coming to a point in the plot where prayer was the only weapon she had, may prove to be an especially powerful scene to believers.

Semi-Spoiler Alert : The revelation of some sort of familial connection between Saint Lucy, Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren. Immediately upon watching “The Nun,” I knew the use of actress Taissa Farmiga (Sister Irene), who strikingly resembles her sister Vera Farmiga (Lorraine Warren), was intentional and critical to the plot. The quick touch on this connection is a huge draw in the film and builds anticipation on what’s to come in the Conjuring franchise.

– The mixed emotions the film evokes forJonas Bloquet’s character Frenchie aka Maurice are also lingering. The plot leaves the viewer feeling empathy for a character who is often courageous and a hero to others, but also fear and distrust given the demon attached to him. A recurring takeaway from all of the Conjuring films: Bad things often happen to good people.

Overall, the plot tied in well to what we already know about Valak and her face off with the Warrens. Be sure to stay for a bit after the credits for an extra scene tying it all together.

The Cast

A blend of familiar faces and new, the cast of “The Nun II” displayed realistic emotion and delivery throughout the narrative.

Jonas Bloquet’s facial expressions were a highlight in his performance of Frenchie’s ups and downs with possession.

Storm Reid’s joining of the franchise is also a highlight as diversity in the film was generally lacking. Her rebellious role as Sister Debra with the cigarette added a bit of comedic relief to the film. However, her character’s development left a bit to be desired as far as the lack of dialect about Sister Debra’s faith journey following her battle with Valak.

The child actor and actresses in the film also deserve some applause for believable performances. I don’t know what it is about horror movies, but a child’s fear always takes them to the next level.

The Visuals

The sets were great! The devil (Ram) and Valak was horrifying. However, there just weren’t enough jump scares in this film for me. Not to mention, there was a scene in the trailer that I’m pretty sure wasn’t in the film.

Still the visuals compliment the plot and remain captivating with its dark aesthetic.

The Bottom Line

You have to see the film if you’re invested in the storyline. Although it is far from the scariest film in the franchise, the narrative and visuals in “The Nunwill keep fans waiting for the next installment and eager to learn more about the origins of Valak and further connections to the Warrens.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 flames 🔥 

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