Last Minute April Fools’ Day Ideas For Content Creators

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Thinking of new relevant content ideas can be exhausting, especially for trivial occasions such as April Fools’ Day. However, it can be especially challenging to get those creative juices flowing when you’re stuck in the house (thanks to the coronavirus pandemic). Here are a few ideas to help my fellow content creators stay in the mix for April Fools’ Day.

April Fools’ Prank Roundups 

Listicles and roundup style articles and posts are a great idea for social media gurus and writers, who are in need of April Fools’ Day content. The post or article can be something like a recap of celebrity or trending pranks or easy prank ideas for your viewers to execute. Check out an example of an Instagram round up on @whatshotvlog:

April Fools’ Day History Lesson

When it comes to holiday’s many people want to know how they began. Do some quick research and add some facts to your YouTube video or hop on your live stream platform of choice and discuss why or why not you celebrate the holiday based on its history and your values. This is a great way to help your followers get to know you.


“Decades of Black Beauty” series: 1950s. Shining light on black figures and their achievements along w/ beauty trends through each decade! ##fyp

♬ Hound Dog by Big Mama Thornton – iambrattyb

Deceptive Makeup Tutorial

This idea is perfect for those who create video style content. Share a video showing your viewers how to create illusions such as a broken bone, a bald head or a black eye to prank their loved ones. If you have enough time, you can even show yourself pranking someone with the finished look for extra points. Share the video on platforms like Youtube, Instagram or TikTok.

Story Time

Write up a blog post, record a new podcast episode or film a quick video of you sharing a time you got pranked or pranked someone else. This can be especially click-worthy if the story takes an unexpected turn in someway that allows you to play with your headline or title. Whatever you do be sure to include April Fools’ in the title!

This last variation is debatable depending on the type of audience you have, so use it at your own risk. If you’re feeling bold and are on a casual platform, you may even consider telling a fictional or exaggerated story and saying “April Fools!” at the end. Again make sure you’re not jeopardizing your relationship with your supporters or your income.

Photo Editing Tutorial

What better day to learn how to catfish your followers than April Fools’ Day. Help your followers learn how to transform themselves into the Instagram famous people they envy straight from their phone or laptop using programs like FaceTune or Photoshop. This is the perfect opportunity for graphic designers and photographers to show their skills. You can simply film your steps as you work and speed it up to make a quick informative video.

I hope these ideas helped!

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