‘Surviving COVID-19’: A Playlist For Your Coronavirus Blues

Hola What’s Hot Fam,

As an entertainment journalist who works from home even when there’s no pandemic, I know how important entertainment is when you’re stuck in the house. The Apple Music playlist below is something to help keep your spirits up during the coronavirus frenzy. The track list consists of songs that will hopefully either motivate, elevate or connect with each listener. It includes multiple genres and a range of artists like Ariana Grande, Lil Uzi Vert and Mary Mary.

“The clouds will open up

Blue skies are willing

Back on your feet again

Lift your head, hold it high”

Justin Timberlake X SZA -“The Other Side”

Feel free to listen to it as you work from home or if you feel yourself getting down during this period of social distancing. The mellow and faith based vibes quickly unravel into a confident warrior’s party. You can check out my “Surviving COVID-19” playlist below:

With Sizzling Love,

Stacey Cake

P.S. Let me know which songs you connected with the most in the comments!

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