WHW: Wild’N Out With Nick Cannon

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This Who’s Hot Wednesday I invite you to check out this throwback interview I did with Nick Cannon. This interview is one that’s close to my heart because I fought for it until the end.

(Yikes, excuse my horrid eyebrows. This was obviously a rough day.)

Nick was at Towson University for a stop on his Wild’N Out college tour and I managed to get back stage to ask him about his career and love life. Furthermore, he discussed his decision to go to Howard University and opens up about his relationship with TLC’s Chili.

“I’m damaged goods. I’m trying to work on me!”

-Nick Cannon

On the day of the interview, I’d had such a difficult time from superiors and those operating the show that it was so refreshing to speak to Nick. He was extremely kind and energetic despite how obviously tired he was. I’ll never forget that. That kindness is what gave me hope to keep pursuing my dream of being an entertainment reporter. It’s something reassuring about knowing that there’s people in higher places that support your success. For me that was just him saying yes to an interview when everyone else said no.

This video was initially uploaded to The Towerlight’s (Towson University’s news source) YouTube channel when What’s Hot was merely a segment for its video department. I feel so blessed to have this interview under my belt and to now have Nick Cannon on What’s Hot’s independent YouTube channel and blog.

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