BET Awards 2020’s Top 5 Hottest Performances

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Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 BET Awards was made up of a bunch of prerecorded speeches and performances. Appearances were made by Lizzo, DaBaby, Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, Chloe x Halle and many more. Despite the circumstances, I thought the Sunday night event, which was hosted by former “The Real” host Amanda Seales, was pretty fire.

Given the format of the show artists were given complete creative freedom when it came to their set. Below you can find a “106 & Park”- style count down of the night’s hottest five performances.

Keep in mind this is just my opinion, so don’t come for my neck.

5. Da Baby and Roddy Rich

Fifth place goes to DaBaby and Roddy Rich for their performance of the song “Rock Star.” I was debating on whether or not I wanted to give this spot to Lil Wayne for his Kobe Bryant tribute performance. However, I felt like DaBaby’s set was overall more creative and unifying.

The opening image of him lying on the ground with an officer’s knee in his neck was a powerful tip to George Floyd. Furthermore, it was very attention grabbing.

“Brand new Lamborghini , f*** a cop car…”


Like a number of other performers DaBaby also put on for the #BlackLivesMatter protests. He performed on a stage surrounded by protestors wearing masks. This made the performance very timely . Other stand out factors included the flames and of course the cop car that Roddy Rich rhythmically smashed with a bat.

My biggest critique is that vocally it sounded more like a music video than a live performance. I’m sure other artists recorded their “live” sound separate from their choreo, but I honestly don’t think Dababy even did that. I feel like he just played the track and lip synched over new visuals.

For further proof of this, listen to Roddy Rich’s own performance of “The Box” and “High Fashion” compared to his verse during this performance. You can clearly tell which one was live.

Damn it, Baby! I wanted to give you a higher spot, but you can’t be lazy with the vocals. That’s why it’s called a live performance!

4. Summer Walker And Usher

Gahh, Summer Walker is just a vibe. I love that she sticks to it. Sis is in her own lane and that lane has earned her the number four spot.

The vocals were there for both her and Usher and it truly felt like an intimate concert. The live band further helped set the tone of the performance and create those effortless transitions between songs. The scene was sultry and perfectly complimented her song selections of “Session 32” and “Come Thru.”

Writer’s Comment: I’m confused as to why Amanda called Summer out for cursing. She doesn’t curse any more than anyone else that performed that night. (inserts side eye emoji)

However, I can’t lie. I felt like a creative element was missing from the performance. Primarily with Usher’s transition from his blue square to her pink square . It was a little visually awkward for me. Some sort of special effects or moving stage could have made that merge so much more aesthetically pleasing. They could have even met in the middle of the two squares and had a new color background appear. (Man, I have ideas out the wazoo, someone book me.)

Lastly, I feel like Usher’s part was so short! It would have been so nostalgic to hear him sing some of his original “You Make Me Wanna” lyrics.

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile, Summer!

3. Megan Thee Stallion

A visual masterpiece! Megan’s captivating performance has landed her in third place! This performance was the perfect balance of music video creativity and that live concert feel. The desert scene and her mic-enhanced sound helped her achieve this. Also, her styling team showed out with the all black fits and makeup.

You can tell Meg’s been around Beyoncé because the concept and the feathered top definitely gave off “Who Run The World” vibes. Also, shout out to the “Hot Girl” star for the black power fist and #BlackLivesMatter displays. She proved that there are always simple ways to put forth a powerful message.

My biggest question: Where the hell was Beyoncé?

If she couldn’t get her to perform with her, she could have just performed the original song for “Savage”. I feel like sis got everyone’s hopes up for no reason. I don’t know. Maybe Meg just wanted to show off that TikTok choreo and split, but ehh. Overall, she gets an “A” for effort.

Also, it may just be because I’m an over thinker, but the ending felt kind of awkward. I felt like after she said “Thank you BET!” I was supposed to hear applause. That sound effect could have easily been added to the end of the set.

Honestly, I think BET could have added an applause sound effect after each performance to make the awards feel more normal.

2. Wayne Brady

It was the gold sequin suit for me!

Wayne Brady is often overlooked when it comes to his singing abilities. However, “The Masked Singer” champion showed out for the late Little Richard. His vocals were crisp. His outfit was bright and he added a modern twist to an old school vibe.

Some things that helped him achieve this balance were having his background dancers wear masks, the piano shenanigans and the Little Richard photos. His set concept was simple, but the details really made the entire scene pop! Overall, the performance was just solid and a lot of fun.

Although, I wasn’t sure if they were trying to make him look like Little Richard or not. I kind of felt like they were with the styling of his hair, but I don’t know. If they were, they could have done so much better. If not, is this Brady’s quarantine look? Yikes!

1. Chloe x Halle

Vocals, looks, creativity and choreo! Chloe x Halle had it all! They came for the number one spot! Simple scenes and seamless transitions. I stan.

Even if their music isn’t your style, you can’t deny the quality of their performance at last night’s awards show. Honestly, I think most of the positive attributes I named for the other performances, apply to their’s.

W/C: I love Chloe’s line,”That wig secure like the money in a safe.” You will see that on my Insta!

Honestly, I’ve listened to some of Chloe x Halle’s other music in the past, but I think “Do It” is definitely one of their best songs.

I peeped a little bit of Queen Bey’s influence during this BET performance, as well. The whole dance battling your clone thing was giving off Destiny Child’s “Lose My Breath” vibes.

Overall, you could tell they were focused, but calm! I think the sisters did a great job of showing off their talent and making the performance visually captivating.

Am I the only one who feels like they are looking into my soul?

Other performers who almost made this list include John Legend, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Kane Brown. Who was your favorite?

With Sizzling Love,

Stacey Cake

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