Sizzlin’ Sponsor of September: Divinchi

Hola What’s HOT FAM,

Meet Baltimore, Maryland native and rapper Divinchi. He is What’s Hot’s first Sizzlin’ Sponsor of the Month. Learn more about him and his work by checking out his Q & A below.

*All answers were written by the sponsors themselves and mildly edited where needed for clarity. Edits are signified by brackets.

  1. Describe your talent or business

“[D]ivinchi is a brand. [It] start out as just [a] music name when I was in school for short period time my major was art. Growing up I was always in [to] art. Growing up panting drawing. Graffiti. Fashion. So the name. Just stuck then I started [to] branch out with my own line and media company.”

2. What makes you ( or your brand) stand out from the rest?

“Just listen [to] the music. Just look at style. Just listen [to] what I’m saying and how I’m moving the post I make and [you] will see and understand.”

3. What is the biggest lesson you have learned about your industry?

“It’s fake like real shit is so [foreign to] the game now. [We] not people we just numbers to them .”

4. One artist you would make a diss track about and why?

“I ain’t going diss none [of] these [guys]. They should look at their self f*** all that pride man in mirror like mike said should be shame who [you] portray n**** is lame.”

5. One artist you want to collaborate with and why?

“Lil Uzi Kevin Gates Kanye West Wale”

6. What is your Instagram handle?


7. Check out these What’s Hot videos featuring Divinchi:

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