Harris Teeter Vlog & Nightfood Ice Cream Review : #TeamStaceyCake vs #TeamOzzy

Hola What’s Hot Fam,

I’m proud to announce What’s Hot ‘s first collaboration is with Nightfood’s nighttime ice cream! In my latest video, join me and my boo thang as we hit up Harris Teeter grocery store to select our flavors of NightFood Ice Cream to review. #TeamStaceyCake is rocking with the Cookies & Dreams flavor and #TeamOzzy is holding it down for the Milk & Cookie Dough lovers.

As you watch the video, scroll to the bottom of this page and comment who’s team you’re on and let me know if you plan to grab some Nightfood Ice Cream. Make sure you subscribe to What’s Hot on YouTube!

Fun Facts about Nightfood Ice Cream:

~It’s the perfect midnight snack with a lot less guilt!

~A pint costs $4.99

~You can eat a whole pint and it’s only 360 calories!

~The ice cream was developed by a team of sleep and nutrition experts 

~You can get a free pint too! Visit https://trynightfood.com/

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With Sizzling Love,
Stacey Cake

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